Bar Band Denies Christina Aguilera Offer To Sing With Them

Yikes! Christina Aguilera ran into a rather awkward situation recently at a New Orleans bar. I guess she was feeling the sound of their house band when she decided to go join in on the fun and sing a song with the crew. Well, bandleader Claude Bryant was NOT feeling it as he confidently refused her offer and continued to play his instrument as you can see in the video below. 

“I didn’t recognize her,” he told WGNO-TV. “She had a cap over her head and over her eyes. She was in a jersey. She didn’t introduce herself to me, but she had very soft hands and that got my attention. I asked her if she wanted to dance and she said that she wanted to sing. I started playing the beginning riff of the song, ‘No, No, No,’ by Bob Marley, but then her bodyguard picked her up off the stage, and she left.”

“I’m sorry Christina, I just didn’t recognize you!” he added, addressing Aguilera directly. “Come back Christina. You can sing anything you want with us!”

Lol, poor guy I'm sure he genuinely didn't realize who she was, but I'm sure he'll think twice the next time he denies someone to sing with them!

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