Drunk Driver Thinks He's In An Uber On His Way To Jail!

 A man accused of driving drunk and causing a crash  on Saturday thought he was in an Uber while on his way to jail. SMH...

Deputies said 40-year-old Travis Howard rear-ended a 68-year-old  woman while she was stopped at a light at the intersection of Pine Ridge  Road and Summerlin Road just after 6:15 p.m.

When deputies asked Howard how the crash happened, he said he  couldn't remember, according to an arrest report. He then handed over a  hotel room key, rather than his driver's license, to deputies.

The report says Howard refused a breathalyzer but failed several sobriety tests, and as a result, was arrested for DUI.

While in the back of the patrol car, deputies said he asked, "Uber, when we get to my room, can I go to bed?"

The deputy then reminded Howard that he was going to jail.

Howard was booked on charges of DUI and DUI damage to property or  person. This is the fifth time Lee County deputies have arrested Howard  since December of 2017.

He has since bonded out of jail. His court date is set for Dec. 10. Let's enjoy the Holidays if you plan to drink when you attend these Holiday parties..don't drink and drive have a designated driver! 

Carmen Contreras

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