Did Kylie Jenner Make Travis Scott Sign A Prenup??

Rumors have been swirling around for quite awhile about the famous duo Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. Are they married? Are they engaged?? What's going on? A lot of fans expected to see Scott pop the big question during The Superbowl, but as we now know that didn't happen. To make things even more confusing, Scott showed off a picture of his baby mama sporting a nice flashy ring on her ring finger!

So, what's really going on??

Well, according to the Houston Chronicle , "Wedding bells are likely near as Scott may have signed off on a prenup agreement from Jenner, who is worth nearly a billion dollars."

The terms, according to In Touch , include a gag clause that forbids Scott from talking to anyone about Kylie or the rest of the Kardashian clan.

The prenup also allegedly stipulates that Scott is obligated to appear in episodes of the reality TV show, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," and participate in family vacations and holiday cards, according to In Touch.

"He's signed his life away, basically ... or any chance to stake a claim in Kylie's empire, that's for sure," In Touch reports.

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