#LatinaGirl SoundOff: What To Expect At The Rodeo BBQ Cook Off!

This week it's the kick off to the Rodeo BBQ Cook Off! Now don't forget you have to pay to get on the premises of the BBQ Cook Off,I paid $20 even though I had a media pass, I still had to pay. However I did learn that the money goes towards scholarships for the kiddos! Now what I did notice this year is murals that you can take dope pictures as you make your way to a BBQ tent so that was pretty dope.

Now as far as Uber, or Lyft do I recommend it? Well let's just say we arrive and got dropped off with no issues, the problem is afterwards the wait is ridiculous...and the parking lots are all gated up, cement blocks everywhere so yes you would have to jump over it if you see your ride. It was chaos trying to catch Uber or Lyft so we walked to the Crown Plaza Hotel and our friends BF picked us up...an hour and half later due to traffic madness. So next time we won't leave when the BBQ Cook Off shuts down, I'll leave sooner. Have fun this weekend if you plan to hit up the BBQ Cook Off. Don't forget Cardi B will be here next Friday! Check out some of my pics and videos from Thursday's cook off!

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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