#LatinaGirl Back From Vacation & Shares Her Pictures & Videos From Cancun!


So I get asked a lot why do I go to Cancun every year? Well this is the first vacation trip my husband and I went on years ago, when we first started dating and we go back for our great memories and new memories. We love Cancun, it's so beautiful and it's only 2 hours away very short flight, with blue, turquoise water so why not go visit every year plus it's reasonable. We go snorkeling, swim with the dolphins, go shopping etc...

Plus there is so much to do in Cancun, other than eat all the food, you can go visit other islands such as Isla Mujeres, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel, Yucatan just hop on a ferry, take a shuttle and boom your in another island. But beware of the DINOSAURS aka IGUANAS..gosh those things scare me. If you ever decide to go to Cancun hit me up I'll tell you all the spots to hit up, after all I'm a local in Cancun!

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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