Seaside Bench Honors Eazy-E

Seaside Bench Honors Eazy-E What started as a joke turned out to be a real memorial bench in honor of the legendary Eazy-E. Guy Stevens from Newhaven, East Sussex in England is a Hip-Hop fan. He suggested for his port town to dedicate a bench to the rapper near a bandstand. Even though the town council had no idea who Eazy-E was, donations for the memorial came pouring in. Over $2,000 came in and the memorial bench only cost about $1,500. The remaining money went to several HIV-related charities. Eazy-E died of Aids in 1995. The bench dedication says, "Rest In Peace Eric "Eazy-E" Wright 1964-1995." Stevens is even suggesting Tupac and Biggie memorial benches in his town or nearby communities. Do you have memorials to contemporary figures in your area? What is your favorite? 

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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