Cardi B Addresses People Who Say She Isn't Black Because She Speaks Spanish

Cardi B is not here for racial criticism. As she has done in the past, Cardi addressed racial and cultural issues during an Instagram Live session on Tuesday. She said, "I'm not Mexican at all. I'm West Indian and I'm Dominican. I speak Spanish because I'm Dominican. And it's like, 'So what's the difference between Dominican and Mexican?' And it's like, everything!" Cardi continued, "People just don't be understanding s**t. It's like, 'Cardi's Latin, she's not Black.' And it's like, 'Bro, my features don't come from...white people f**king, OK?' And they always wanna race-bait when it comes to me...I have Afro features. 'Oh, but your parents are light-skinned'—alright, but my grandparents aren't.'" Do you ever have to have uncomfortable conversations about your background with others? What spurred it on? 

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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