Beyonce' Drops 'BIGGER' Video From The Lion King: The Gift (MUST SEE)


Clearly there is no stopping Queen Bey from just being amazing! The way she is releasing these visual masterpieces and allowing them to resonate with us; I am in awe. Blue Ivy is gorgeous and not to mention the African attire, the hair, the tribal make-up is flawless. Lastly we can forget how Mufasa teaching Simba about balance during the transition from 'Spirit' to 'Bigger'. Beyonce' is educating us and these lyrics sound like words straight out of Mrs. Carters own diary. Thank you Beyonce. Whats your favorite part of the visual for 'Bigger'? What's your favorite song off The Lion King:The Gift? What do you think will next the next video?

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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