Drake Under Fire For Beatles Arm Tattoo!


Drake....you issa Savage! But I love it! So folks are going in on him...saying he is being way too cocky and disrespectful for getting a tattoo on his forearm of The Beatles. The tattoo appears to have the band (The Beatles) crossing Abey Road (like their album cover) while Drake stands in front of them waving back..as in "I'm better than Ya" lol..well that's my interpretation. Let's not forget in the song with Meek Mill "Going Bad" Drakes verse "Back home smokin legal I got more slaps than the Beatles" I mean Drake did break the groups chart records..so why not act a fool right??

Look it's his body and he can ink it up the way he wants too..so trolls leave him alone! Drake get another tattoo that says "I'm Number ONE Bishhhhhhh The GOAT!"

Carmen Contreras

Carmen Contreras

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