Congrats! Hazel E And Devon Waller Are Expecting A Baby Girl!


My mouth dropped last night as I attended the gender reveal dinner for Hazel E and fiancé Devon Waller it was over the top! As we got ready for dinner we were taking upstairs and all you saw was white candles everywhere, you could hear the sounds of beautiful birds chirping away and lot's of love was felt in the room. The decorations were perfect and the food was DELISH! We ate lambchops, fried lobster, mac and cheese, fried cauliflower, salads this meal was fit for a queen and a king!

I was honored to witness the gender reveal which they didn't even know if it was a girl or boy. Then I was blown away when the ballerina danced and revealed that they were having a baby girl. Oh did I mention it was the ballerina that danced with Lizzo at the Grammy's! I'm still speechless at this over the top dinner and wish them nothing but happiness! BTW I said it was going to be a GIRL!

Carmen Contreras

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