ROAST US CHALLENGE: Help Warehouse Live Raise Money for Their Staff!

The iconic Houston venue, Warehouse Live, has temporarily closed it's doors due to the Coronavirus outbreak. If you donate to their GoFundMe Page, you will be helping out their staff and they will do the 'Roast Us Challenge' in return. Read below to learn what this challenge is all about and make sure to donate!

This is not just a fundraiser...this is going to be fun! Our staff is full of people who like to entertain; and we are bored! So, this fundraiser will be our staff doing silly things to keep this light in a time we have to ask for help because we are unable to open for concerts. All proceeds will go directly to the staff! 

If we reach the following goals, we will complete the challenge listed: 

$500: Miguel will rock a standalone mustache for a month

$750: Adam will dye his hair pink for a month 

$1,000: Paige will hold a tarantula (her biggest fear) for 2 minutes

$1,500: Sirois will wax his chest on a live stream 

$2,000: Applewhite wall tattoo a "Nard Dog" on the stern of the SS Applewhite (tattoo her butt with the tattoo from "the Office")

$2,500: The staff will wear Halloween costumes on the next 3 sold out shows.  

$5,000: The crew will all get matching tattoos!!! (the design and placement will be decided once we can meet with an artist...but I promise it will be fun and not mini sized!)

**Since we cannot leave our homes right now, all challenges will be completed at a later date. But, we promise to tag all of our donors when we do them!**

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