A Rod Launches A Makeup Product For Men!

Ok...A Rod ain't worried about J-Lo he getting the bag and just launched a makeup product for men.

And this is not weird, I can just hear it "OMG makeup for men WTF" you would be surprised how many men wear makeup in the entertainment industry, news anchors etc... I dated a guy years ago that wore makeup to cover up his blemishes and razor bumps. I never knew this till one day I walked in on him touching up his face with Cover Girl. Oh trust me I was like umm..you wanna explain? But I totally understood, his face wasn't bad at all, but that made him feel better.

I bet he is kicking his ass wishing he could of thought of this A Rod idea.

So congrats A Rod, on this brilliant idea, the concealer comes in 8 different shades and will cost around $17. He linked up with Hims product and created The Blur Stick. The concealer is designed for men, that can be used for skin imperfections.