Did Former President Barack Obama Confirm That UFOs Are REAL?

Well this is good enough for me to believe UFOs do exist with aliens... and they watch all our moves from the other planets. The fact that he confirmed there is footage and records of objects up in the sky which our US Government can't explain? Come on now he kinda gave us hints there is UFOs without actually saying it. After all, he can't tell us everything. I remember when I was a kid I saw an object with little lights all over and it stopped for a quick second then took off I mean like fast. I screamed told my mom and she was like it was probably a falling star or a helicopter, I was like mom it stopped then took off. Ever since I've been obsessed with space, the universe, our planets.

I'm always watching mars movies, anything space related I'm watching. I just hope they never pull up on us lol..

Photo: Getty Image