"Latina Girl Carmen" Back From Vacation Check Out My Vacation Blog!

I'm back from vacation and was gone so long, it feels weird getting back into the groove of things lol.

I was vacationing in Colorado, here is why I love to vacation in Colorado, when I got married on 12-26-2004, it snowed on my wedding day. So now, I want to see snow on my wedding anniversary, so in 2020 my husband drove me to Colorado and I fell in love with the winter vibes, that we went back this last Christmas again in 2021. And I'm glad I went back cause it was a hot, sweaty Christmas this year in my city Htown.

No I didn't ski, cause I will probably ski into a tree lol, but I was able to rock all my winter swag. I also fought my fear of heights by walking over one of the world's highest suspension bridge that is suspended 1,053 feet up in the air The Royal Gorge Bridge. Oh believe me I was scared especially when I looked down, my anxiety kicked in, but the view left me speechless.

I know Colorado is a 14 hour drive, but I enjoy my road trips with my hubby, we dance, pray, snack away and most importantly enjoy the quality time.

I must say this vacation was the best, I ate, shopped, slept and shopped! Happy New Year wishing you the best and greatest in 2022!

Here I am visiting The Garden Of The God's National Park.

Photo owner Carmen Contreras.

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