Born and raised in Houston Texas, Ebonix was exposed to the DJ culture early in life. He grew up around DJs in his family: DJ Kosuri who was a 1999 DMC finalist and DJ Single who was heavy in the night clubs. Watching both turntablism and party rocking was intriguing for him to watch. 

Ebonix was always into music as a child and soon after, sharing his love of music with large crowds became his passion.

Ebonix began spinning like most local DJs who started at house parties and local events. But his transition from mobile gigs to the night clubs was very different than others. After being introduced to DJ Johnny J he began to spin at an early age at clubs when he was seventeen years old. After gaining experience in the night scene, he became a DJ for the NBA’s Houston Rockets in 2005. Soon after gaining respect from local DJs he got the attention from PD Tom Callacochi at 97.9 the Box, where he started his nationally known show, The Friday Night Takeover.

However, the drive did not end there. While the momentum was rolling very fast for Ebonix he had a life of college attending University of Houston, spinning at nightclubs, working the NBA Houston Rockets home games, and 97.9 the Box. A lot was on his plate for the young DJ at the age of 20. With the rise of the Houston Hip Hop scene in 2004 DJ Ebonixs popularity grew in the clubs. He began DJing for high profile clubs and events for celebrities like Pharrell, Jurassic 5, Slim Thug, Ne-Yo, Tracy McGrady, and Kanye West. Also the mixtape circuit allowed Ebonix to DJ around the US at clubs such as House of Blues in San Diego, The Exit in New York, and Karma in Dallas. With a taste for different genres, Ebonix was a rare DJ to come across. His fusion on Hip Hop to R&B, Reggae to Classics, and Rock to House allowed him to adapt to any crowd.

In 2005 another big opportunity came when his long time friend and Grammy Award Winning artist Chamillionaire asked Ebonix if he would like to incorporate what he does in the club to a performance on a nation wide tour. Giving his clubs a break gave DJ Ebonix nation wide exposure and chance to network with industry leaders. In the summer of 2006 XM Satellite Radio offered Chamillionaire and DJ Ebonix a radio show on XM 66 Raw, a Hip Hop station that was known for breaking new records and showcasing underground Hip Hop.

The number of listeners for Ebonix on a given weekend was 11 million on XM, 1 million on The Box, and 1,000s of people in the clubs. But all his hard work was not unnoticed when he was awarded Rookie DJ of the Year at the Mix Show Power Summit Awards in Dominican Republic in 2006. Of late, he has been keeping busy maintaining his residencies in Houston, taking off for traveling gigs, and managing a healthy profile on the airwaves.

You can now catch him on the weekends on 93.7 The Beat!