Did this celeb's tweet cost Snapchat $1.3 BILLION?

This high profile celeb tweeted Wednesday, saying she doesn't use the social media app at as much as she used to or at ALL for that matter.  And less than 24 hours after that tweet, Snapchat's shares plunged as much as 7.2% ... equaling  $1.3 BILLION loss...Hmmm What do you think?? 

Now there is no confirmation that her tweet caused the this tragedy...but with a following of 128.5MILLION followers both twitter & instagram its very likely she had some influence. If you ask me I think its Snapchats recent app re-design which SUCKS & has caused even myself to not use the app much.

Not long after the damage was done she later professed her love for Snapchat.... but its a little too late dont'cha think Kylie! (rolls eyes)

DJ Shanté

DJ Shanté

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