DJ Shanté

DJ Shanté

Since starting her DJ career in 2015, DJ Shante hit the Houston scene like a whirl-wind. Opening up and gaining residencies in the hottest clubs...Full Bio


Beatin Down Yo Block: Rapper Ray Bandz

Beatin Down Yo Block w/ DJ Shanté

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Rapper Ray Bandz to talk music, how he got started and where he's going.

Ray Bandz is an independent Rap Artist from Houston Texas. He grew up on the east side in a small home with a big family of 3 brothers and 4 sisters. As a kid he got into a lot of trouble but used that to motivate and brand himself as a artist. He wanted to paint pictures with his words. Ray Bandz has been a hustler all his life, making ends meet with NO DEAL . Ray Bandz is taking over 2018 with a new mixtape that will be collaborating with some of the hottest artist, putting himself on the map. 

Ray Bandz: "Grateful for everything god has given me and the road I made for myself"  #TeamBandz #Woah #Trap #Bandz

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