This Celebrity makes up to 1M per post! Guess Who?

Yep! Thats right... Kyle Jenner can take a pic on social media and make more money in one post than some CEOs see in a whole year.

According to Page Six, the 20-year-old mom topped IG’s 2018 top earner list — soaring past Selena Gomez and big sis Kim Kardashian — to hit the $1 million per post mark.

With her 111 million follower fan base, Jenner is able to demand that high price tag for sponsored posts. Strangely, she beat out Selena, who with her 139 million followers can “only” demand about $800k per post.

Everbody aint able!! Makes you wanna re-think posting that side-boobage for the FREE huh!?

DJ Shanté

DJ Shanté

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