Da Brat Is in Financial Trouble,Yikes!

Da Brat is in some serious financial trouble.

She has filed for bankruptcy. She reportedly has $7.7 million in debt. Part of the money she owes is to Shayla Stevens. Remember when Da Brat hit her with a bottle at a nightclub? The settlement for that case was $6.4 million. Documents say Da Brat owes over $1.2 million to Sony Music. Other debts are to credit card companies, the state of Georgia and the IRS. Do you know someone who filed for bankruptcy protection? How did they recover? Do you think it's sad that some artists don't have a lot of money after their peak success? 

DJ Shanté

DJ Shanté

Since starting her DJ career in 2015, DJ Shante hit the Houston scene like a whirl-wind. Opening up and gaining residencies in the hottest clubs throughout the city. Read more


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