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Why Gal Gadot's Celeb-Filled 'Imagine' Cover Is Igniting Online Outrage

Gal Gadot enlisted some help from her friends in an attempt to uplift everyone's spirits amid the coronavirus pandemic -- but not everyone is taking kindly to it.

On Wednesday, the "Wonder Woman" star shared a compilation video of a group of celebrities -- including Will Ferrell, Natalie Portman, Mark Ruffalo, Sia, and more -- singing "Imagine" by John Lennon as they self-isolate at home.

The actress explained how she was inspired by a video she saw of an Italian man playing "Imagine" on his trumpet from his balcony as the country is on lockdown.

"There was something so powerful and pure about this video," Gadot said. "And it goes like this."

While Gadot may have had good intentions, the clip sparked outrage online as many people wondered why the group of wealthy celebrities couldn't donate money instead.

"This is so f--kng offensive to so many people," an Instagram user commented. "just a solid slap in the face that every single one of these celebrities who participated in the video have the ability to help financially TREMENDOUSLY but go on and do stupid sh*t like this and sing songs ARE YOU KIDDING ME??"

"Now can each and one of you guys donate to those who can't afford to get tested since we're not all privileged like you all," a person added and another wrote, "Honey, look at all the rich people singing Imagine. Everything will be alright now, even though we both lost our jobs. This was so much better than money and not cringy at all."

"Everyone in this video can afford to sit this crises out while the rest of us are in danger of losing our homes, jobs, access to healthcare, etc," a user noted. "But hey, at least they got together to sing this tune to 'comfort' us. What a contribution! I feel better already 🙄 #eattherich"

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