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Toy Store Employee Accidentally Adds 'WAP' to Shop's Playlist

To be fair, the lyrics to Three Blind Mice are pretty disturbing, too.

An employee at a childrens toy shop claims she accidentally added WAP to the stores playlist, only to incur the ire of all the moms in the aisles as she raced to shut it off.

The employee, who recently shared the embarrassing story on Reddit, explained that she had grown sick of the two CDs her employers deemed suitable to play over the stores loudspeakers, so she decided to update the playlist with what she thought were similarly suitable songs.

I made a playlist on Spotify with family-friendly tunes that I could put on when my manager wasnt there that didnt make my brain turn to mush and dribble out my ears, she wrote.

Only two hours into her shift, however, she realized she had accidentally added WAP to the playlist after she heard the opening lyrics to Cardi B and Megan Three Stallions very suggestive song start to play over the store speakers.

To make matters worse, she was stuck in the front of the store, emptying a register for one of the other employees and she couldnt immediately walk away to shut off her phone, which was locked away near the speaker system in a back room.

I'm counting an insane amount of $5 bills when all of the sudden the speakers start blaring and my blood runs cold, she wrote. I look up and see looks of horror on the faces of women and innocent children.

Photo: WAP Music Video

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