Couple's Upside Down Wedding Cake Goes Viral [PICS]

Cakes go a long way at weddings. No wonder they are always some of the important things couples settle first during marriage planning.

While creative bakers keep pushing the boundary in coming with designs, only a few could arguably match the one that recently surfaced online on Tuesday, September 29.

A Twitter user with the handle @athabrahamss shared photos of an upside-down hanging cake her mother baked.

She said she is obsessed with the beauty of the cake. In the pictures she shared, the piece could be seen being held by a decorated pole.

The first question that comes to one's mind is how come the cake is not falling off and what exactly could be holding its fragile structure in place? 

In response to people asking how the wedding cake was cut at the wedding ceremony, @athabrahamas shared another photo showing a couple with a knife slicing through it. 

Photo: Twitter @athabrahamss