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Coach Eddie Robinson Jr. was not faking it with "Coach Primetime"

Over the weekend tempers flared at the Jackson State & Alabama State game this past Saturday. During the midfield handshake, Tigers head coach Deion Sanders aka "Primetime" tried to embrace Hornets head coach Eddie Robinson Jr., but the Hornets coach denied him and pushed back on the hug attempt. 

That was soooooo unexpected and really embarrassing!

The exchange wasn't over just yet as Robinson blasted Sanders during his post-game press conference. He felt that the former Florida State star and multi-sport professional turned coach disrespected his team leading up to the contest.

"We hand-shaked and that was it. It ain't no need for no embrace. We ain't friends. He ain't never call me, I ain't never call him," Robinson Jr. said after the game. "Great player. S--t. Everybody wanted to be Prime Time when they was a little kid. Great player, all that, got tons of respect for the guy, doing a great job as a coach. But, you can't do all that stuff all week and then come back, put your backup quarterback in and run a hitch and go to try and put more points on the board."

The first-year head coach wasn't happy with a couple of comments that Sanders made during the week. He also stated that the coach walked through Alabama State's warmups. Something else that caught Robinson Jr.'s ire was that Jackson State threw the ball with its backup quarterback during the final minute of the game despite leading by two scores and the Hornets having no timeouts left.

"Me being up front, I thought it was a lot of disrespect the whole week. So, we not going to be disrespectful the whole week in the media," Robinson Jr. said. We [Robinson Jr. and Sanders] didn't talk in the pregame, I was out there the whole time at the 50-yard line. He walked through our whole huddle in our end zone and came the long way around to get to his side of the field in pregame. I thought that wasn't classy at all."

"In the post-game, I'm not about to give you the Obama bro-up. I'm going to shake your hand and I'm going to go home," Robison Jr. continued. "I'm gonna always be respectful and respect the game. "You've got the great [coaches], W.C. Gorden, Eddie Robinson, those guys, Marino Casem. I'm living on the shoulders of the SWAC. He ain't SWAC. You know, I'm SWAC, he ain't SWAC." (Sounds salty to me)

Robinson Jr. made it clear that he wants Sanders to remain at Jackson State for another year. There will be plenty of motivation for revenge in 2023.(MSN)

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