Get To Know Hip Hop's Rising Star Morray

Morray has a promising future ahead of him.

If you haven't heard of the rising Fayetteville, North Carolina rapper, consider this your notice: he's one to look out for. With only a few songs under his belt, he's already managed to make waves in the hip hop world with the October release of his incredibly catchy debut single "Quicksand."

The melodic and introspective track, which he flexes his vocal abilities on, details Morray's survival of the streets, and it's earned him co-signs from artists like Tierra Whack, Jay-Z, and fellow North Carolina rappers DaBaby and J. Cole. In Morray's own words, "Quicksand" is a song made during his darkest times that "has brought so much light" not only to his life but to those who can relate to his story.

While Morray's just getting started, it's hard not to envision a path of success for the multi-talented rapper, who can also hold a tune. And while he's still riding high on the success of his debut single, Morray has a lot more in store and has already gifted fans new music in 2021 with his latest single "Big Decisions."

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Let's talk "Quicksand." How'd the single come to be? 

I was writing a lot of music that sounded like everyone else. It wasn’t until my girl told me to write something that means something to me, to tell my story, and to just be different then quicksand came about. 

And why do you think it became your breakout track? 

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this kind of outcome at all and for it to be the record that it is, I’m just grateful that everything fell into place the way it did and it’s resonating with people that are in the same position as me. 

Who are your biggest musical influences? 

There are so many to choose from because I’m inspired by a lot of different artists. One day it could be Bill Withers and Musiq Soulchild and another it could be Drake, Usher, and MO3

What did it feel like to get a co-sign from fellow North Carolina natives J. Cole and DaBaby? 

That was crazy for real. For two of the biggest artists from the Carolinas to say they like my music and not only tell me but tell the world!? Man, that was an incredible feeling!

You're just getting started. What are some goals you'd like to achieve in the next year? 

I really want to learn how to record and engineer myself.

And what can fans expect from you in 2021? 

Hopefully an album everybody can be proud of and bump in the car til they speakers burst.

What don't we know about Morray? 

I’m a huge basketball fan.

Photo: Getty Images