Colin Kaepernick NFL Workout BOMBSHELL!

Well well well! It looks as though the NFL was trying to pull a fast one on the former NFL Quarterback. As we all know today was the day that Colin Kaepernick was scheduled to hold his NFL work out for some 20+ NFL scouts. But literally an hour before the scheduled tryouts the league attempted to pull the rug from up under Colin’s legs. Mike Florio of is reporting that about An hour prior to the work out the league refuse to allow media inside of the workout being held at the Atlanta Falcons practice facility. He’s also reporting that the league wanted the former 49ers Star to sign a lengthy waiver that included verbiage related to employment claims, or in layman’s terms the ability to seek compensation via lawsuit if any collusion occurred. Colin refused to sign and moved the workout location. By doing this he is still complying with the agreement between himself and the NFL and also makes it so if any scout who originally were to show up at the Falcons facility doesn’t, could spell legal trouble for the NFL.


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