WATCH: TI Dragged Candace Owens During Revolt Panel!

Candace Owens is a known Trump-supporter. TI is a known Trump-hater, which made for a very interesting dynamic at The Revolt Music Summit over the weekend. They were both on the same panel, and it got heated to say the least. She actually tried to defend Donald Trump claiming that he is not a racist. That did not work. TI tore her up. Even though TI should've maybe given her a little more leeway to speak, she really didn't have a leg to stand on. What could she have possibly said to justify anything? What could her rebuttal have possibly been? NADA! Because we all know that Trump is racist! Yup...I said what I said!

Peep the video of their back and forth below!

If you wanna see the full panel discussion, see below.

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