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Who Are The Highest Paid Rappers in 2017?

We know we have some of the greatest rappers in this day and age but who made the most money? We all want to know and how? The top 20 acts collectively earned 619.5 million last year, which is up 38 % from last year's $448.5 million total according to Forbes.

Lil Yachty - $11 Million

Self-proclaimed bubblegum rapper is the youngest member of the Hip Hop cash Kings and endorsing Nautica, Target and Sprite. Make that money young man. 

 Rick Ross- $11.5 Million- (tie)

He may have lost 75 pounds but besides losing weight, he hasn't lost anything else. Mr.  Maybach Music himself  still endorses Checkers and Wingstop franchises.  

 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- 11.5 Million (tie)- 

This duo has been on the road touring  and performing 50 dates. This duo is about to split ways and Macklemore will release a solo album, Gemini, this month. 

Lil Wayne- 15.5 Million

Despite his seizures he continues to tour and 'shills" for Samsung. 

Nicki Minaj-  $16 Million

she is the highest paid female rapper, she endorses MAC, T-Mobile, Myx Moscato and has been featured on hits like "Rake It Up."

Snoop Dogg-  $16.5 Million-

Snoop is a legend in the game. Now he is a cohost on the how with Martha Stewart in Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party.

 Swiss Beatz- $14 Million-

He has been focused on his partnership with Bacardi along with working with Alicia Keys, Snoop, and Kanye West.

J. Cole- $19 Million-

Platinum album and world tour next? Let's keep watching. 

Birdman- $20 Million-

The CashMoney Kingpin. Enough said. 

Kanye West-  $22 Million-

After so many woes such as canceling a tour, and fashion mishaps.  Kayne's partnership with Adidas kept him making money. 

Future- $23 Million-

 Two chart topping albums released within  one week of each other. That's a boss move. 

DJ Khaled- $24 Million-

They told DJ Khaled he wasn't going to make $24 million and take over music this year and he did it anyway. 

Pitbull- $27 Million-

Mr. Worldwide is on tour now and he is going global performing and making money. 

Wiz Khalifa- $27 Million-

Khalifa is making money with his mobile app Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm and making his own strand of cannabis. 

Kendrick Lamar- $30 Million-

A double platinum album and grossing nearly $1 Million dollars per tour stop. Lawd. That's why he said sit down, be humble. 

Chance The Rapper- 33 Million-

He has never sold a physical album but knows how to cash in the music game independently and he is partnered with Apple and Kit Kat. 

Dr. Dre- 34.5 Million-

When you partner with Apple you are good to go. He partnered with Apple in 2014 but he is still garnishing royalties from his Beats catalog.

Jay-Z- $42 Million-

He just signed a $200 million dollar deal with Live Nation to tour for the next decade. #AccumulatingWealth

Drake- $94 Million-

While he is the most streamed artist he also has earned millions for endorsing Nike, Sprite, and Apple.

His Boy Meets World Tour is very successful.  

Diddy- $130 Million-

"I thought I told you that we won't stop!" Diddy is truly the G.O.A.T. ! He tops the list once again thanks to the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, partnership with Ciroc, and selling 1/3 of his Sean John Clothing Line. He just knows how to make money moves. 

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