YBN Almighty Jay Can't Name ONE Member Of The Wu-Tang Clan


Peter Rosenberg sat down with YBN members Namir, Cordae and Almighty Jay during Open Late With Peter Rosenberghis late night show featured on Complex. 

When Rosenberg asked the trio who they study, Namir was first to answer that one of his biggest musical influences is Eazy-E. Jay, on the other hand admit that he doesn't listen to music that far back: "I ain't gonna lie; I never went that far back. I listen to generational music," he said. "If it's in right now, that's what I listen to. It might be weird and stuff, people be like, 'You don't know the history of rap and you're a rapper,' but like I don't go back that far to listen to music."

When Rosenberg brought up the the Wu-Tang Clan, Jay responded, "I don't even know Wu-Tang. I don't know none of they songs. I don't even know what they look like." When asked if he could name one member Jay simply answered "no," then asked, "Wu?"

At least he was confident in his truth... It's becoming more and more often that the newer generation of rappers admits that they don't listen to original hip-hop artists for influence. How do you guys feel about this? Do you agree that it's not necessary or do you believe it's important to study the craft of those who paved the way? Let us know! 

Head over to Complex for the full interview!

Source: TSR, Complex 



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