Azealia Banks In Her Feelings Over Wild 'N Out Joke

Now, at this point we're all a little too familiar with Azealia Banks being in the media as she's known to spark drama and between countless artist from Cardi B, Iggy Azalea and even Pharrell! I mean... who has she NOT had "beef" with? Well funny thing is, the queen of bullying herself can dish it all, but when the tables turn she can't take a joke.

Watch this clip from upcoming episode of Wild 'N Out where comedian DC Young Fly calls out Banks during the segment "So Petty." He jokes around that Nick Cannon couldn't book Cardi B for the episode so he settled for Banks' "ugly ass."

Although this did spark laughter from the crowd, Azealia was NOT feeling the joke as she responded, "Sorry, can I just say that was very anti-Black." She also stated that she didn't find that one funny. 

Personally, I think it's a bit of a reach to claim the joke was "anti-black." DC did call her ugly, but he never said or even hinted anything about her skin complexion. From the clip it seems as if she got her feelings hurt and didn't know how to respond. At one point Nick Cannon even encourages her to retaliate against DC. I mean after all the point of the show is to roast one another... 

How are you guys feeling about this one? 

Also, make sure you tune in to MTV tonight 10/9c to catch the premiere of the full episode! 



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