Quality Control Princesses 'City Girls' Documentary (WATCH HERE)

This has been quite the year for Miami native female rap duo, City Girls (JT and Young Miami), who are best known for their hit singles, “F**k That N***a” and “I’ll Take Your Man.” You may also recognize these ladies from the countless amount of times that we've heard Drake's "In My Feelings," where the two are featured and have ultimately let it be known that they are a force to be reckoned with! 

Not only have they established their mark by having THE hit song of the summer, they've also solidified their spot as princesses of Atlanta-based label, Quality Control, alongside the Migos, Lil Yachty, Stefflon Don, Lil Baby and more! 

Check out their first documentary as it tells the backstory of JT, Young Miami and how they became the City Girls.These confident ladies speak on the power and strength in their music as they keep it very real and raw in their lyrics. They share what it's like to be uncensored and rap the way they do in such a male-dominated industry. "Back in the day, I feel like the only reason those girls were able to get all the shine they were getting was because Biggie Smalls was bringing out Lil Kim, JAY-Z was bringing out Foxy Brown and Ludacris was bringing out Shawnna," JT explains.

It follows these ladies from the moment their signed to Quality Control with all their success alongside their struggles leading up to saying goodbyes to JT, who prepares for her jail sentence. 

Watch the full documentary below!!! 

Source: VIBE 



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