Amber Rose Is Very Upset With Kanye West's New Song

Remember when Kanye West went on The Breakfast Club and said that he had to take 30 showers to get with Kim Kardashian after being with his ex, Amber Rose? This comment insinuated that Rose was somehow dirty or a "hoe" because of her past as a stripper. 

Years later he now has a song with Lil Pump called 'I Love It' (I'm sure most of you have heard) where he repeatedly sings in the HOOK, "You're such a f*cking hoe, I love it." Well, Amber Rose is not a fan of his newest hit seeing as it seems to go against the comments he previously made about her regarding her past. Rose has done a lot of work in the past few years to grow her Slut Walk and change the negative outlook on terms like "slut" and "hoe" to instead be used as empowering terms for women. 

In a recent Instagram post she stated, "Two men made a song that said “you’re such a f*cking hoe I love it” but if I refer to myself as a hoe, take back any derogatory label and turn it into a positive or be confident in my sexuality in anyway mufuckas need 30 showers and I’m literally the evilest person on earth yet everyone wants to take my fucking swag but look down on me? Shits annoying af But I’ll continue to be A trendsetter and help women - The Real Bad Guy"

What do you guys think? is Kanye wrong for now making a song that embraces being a hoe? 

Personally, I think she has a good point... 

Check out her post below to see what else she had to say. 



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