Texas Grandma Kills 580Lb Gator As Revenge

So, this story is definitely a bit odd seeing as this great-grandmother from Livingston Texas sought out revenge on an alligator! Livingston Mayor Judy Cochran (Yes that's right, she's also the mayor) apparently has had her eye on this 12ft/580 lb gator for quite some time as she believes the gator was responsible for the death of her pet mini horse YEARS ago. This plot to kill this ginormous gator was not just thought up overnight, but instead strategically constructed overtime. See, in Polk County there are rules that apply to gator hunting and you can only catch them between September 10th-30th. So this granny took her time and planned out exactly how she wanted to get this gator! Looks like racoon road kill was the bait of choice to real in this one in. 

As if this story isn't wild enough, granny also plans to hang the head of this gator in her mayor's office!... Welp, welcome to Texas... 


Source: KPRC



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