Mom Purposely Sends White Daughter To 99% Black School

Mykenzie contributes to the ONE percent of white students that attend Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School. Her mother has sent her to the school intentionally to raise awareness to the town's ethnic segregation and hopefully spark change within their community. 

Now, there are both black and white students in Orangeburg, South Carolina, but in this town the majority of the black students attend the public school while the white students attend the private school. Sort of like a blast from the past, huh? 

Mykenzie's mom, Linda, has even worked hand in hand with Principal Dr. Peters of Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School to put on a breakfast in an effort to unite students from the two schools. Check out what the students had to say when they were brought together and shared their misconceptions of the other's school. 

Hopefully this sparks major change within their town and other communities dealing with similar issues around the nation! 


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