Did Cardi B Throw Something Else At Nicki Minaj? [WATCH HERE]

Did Cardi B just throw something at Nicki Minaj AGAIN?!?

Lollll, calm down no worries. Nothing physical was thrown between the two female rappers this time, but she is THROWING MAJOR SHADE! In this new song by Pardison Fontaine, Cardi B is doing exactly what she should've done the first time by throwing shots in her lyrics! YES!! That's how you do it girl, save all that energy for the music. 

In Cardi's verse she sais she knows how to get a b*tch mad and claims she's the QUEEN of talking sh*it and then backing it up! Well, no names are dropped in her lyrics but this comes just a few short weeks after she threw her shoe at Nicki Minaj in an attempt to fight her during NYFW. 

What do y'all think? Are y'all feeling the track? 

Hey, I'm happy as long as no more physical altercations are going down. Keep the shots coming in the music!  



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