Students Display Spells N-Word As Racist Joke

These California students are catching a lot of heat for taking a photo at Escondido High School spelling out the N-word... and not the debatable "term of endearment N-word" the REAL N-Word ok. 

During this school's annual senior picnic the students wear shirts with letters to spell out messages for their class photo. Typically the messages spell out positive words such as "Cooperation or Understanding." Well, these students in particular thought it would be funny to mix up their letters to spell out the racist and derogatory term. 


Former Escondido High student Cade Pannell, saw the photo via Snapchat and did not find it humorous at all. He took a screenshot and posted it on Instagram with the caption: “This gets me so fucking heated this shit is not funny and should not be taken as a joke. straight bullshit, esco fucked.” His comments instantly blew up and people were calling for the students to be punished. 

As a result, the students have been suspended, kicked out of sports they participate in, and will not be able to walk at graduation. Escondido High School has also released a statement saying they will not tolerate messages of racism and promote divisiveness. 

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