INSANE: Actor Arrested For DUI AND Letting 2-Year-Old Drive

Fair warning... this is extremely disturbing! 

So, actor Marion Pooch Hall, who you all may remember for his famous role as Derwin Davis on the hit series "The Game" just got himself into BIG trouble. Yesterday Hall was arrested in Burbank California for a DUI and child endangerment after getting into a car accident. 

Law enforcement told TMZ he was driving around 7:30 PM when witnesses called 911 after seeing his toddler in his lap steering the wheel!!! Apparently, witnesses watched the car veer off and crash into a parked car. One of the staff members from TMZ was there and said he looked in the window and the carseat was in the backseat, unbuckled, and laying around with junk. 

THANKFULLY,  his 2-year old son was ok and there were no injuries!! 

Our source says when police arrived you could smell the odor from the alcohol and Hall was clearly drunk as he could barely walk. His blood alcohol level was .25 and that's over 3 times the legal limit!!! 

Hall was taken to jail, where he remains on $100,000 bail, while his son was released into his wife's custody. 

This story is completely INSANE and breaks my heart. Not only do you not care about your own life to put yourself in that position, but to have your toddler in the car, IN YOUR LAP STEERING THE WHEEL, is mind blowing and incredibly sad. Thank goodness that the child was ok, but that situation could have had deadly outcome. Shame on him! 



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