We Might Get A New Album From Solange This Year!!

Are y'all ready for another album from Solange?? I sure am! This will be her first collection of music since the release of her 2016 A 'Seat At The Table', which was incredible and just so happen to be on of my favorite albums from that year! 

Well, according to the New York Times, we might not have to wait too much longer for her next project!! So, what can we expect from this upcoming album? "There is a lot of jazz at the core," Solange said of the songs. "But with electronic and hip-hop drum and bass because I want it to bang and make your trunk rattle." As of now, the album is untitled, but she is in the final stages of completing her work. Sessions for the new album took place in New Orleans, Topanga Canyon, and Jamaica. Solange did confirm that the editing process will be going on until the last possible minute. The sound is described as "warm…fluid and more sensual" than A Seat at the Table.

Interviewer Ayana Mathis says, "The album’s release is imminent this fall, probably sometime soon. But, Solange keeps these details close: The record will likely arrive into the world fully formed at some mysterious and unexpected moment, like a meteor cratering into the culture. But she will not be rushed".

Hey, I'm all for her taking her time and putting her heart into this one!!! I'm ready for this album whenever she does decide she's ready to drop it! 

Check out the full interview HERE 



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