Here's The Freestyle Where Vic Mensa Dissed XXXtentacion

It was reported a couple weeks ago that Vic Mensa dissed XXXtentacion during his prerecorded freestyle for the BET Hip Hop Awards. Well, last night the award show aired and we were able to see for ourselves! 

BET made the decision to bleep out X's name during the broadcast, but the full line goes as follows: 

“Your favorite rapper is a domestic abuser.Name a single Vic Mensa song, XXX we all know you won’t live that long. I don’t respect niggas posthumously, homicide ain’t new to me, catch up with #Akademiks at your eulogy.”

Even before hearing the verse a lot of people were in disagreement with Vic Mensa mentioning X in a negative light now that he's deceased. What made things even worse is that his mom was in attendance to accept an award in behalf of the late XXXtentacion, so she actually saw the freestyle live. 

Before the award show aired Vic Mensa released a video via Instagram (watch below) standing by his comments he made. He did say that he wasn't aware X's mom was in attendance and that his intention was not to disrespect her. 

I think Vic Mensa could've went about this another way... X is not the only person in the history of hip hop to be accused of domestic violence and it doesn't make sense that you would bring up a person who has passed and is no longer here to defend himself. 

What are your thoughts? 



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