Remy Ma Is Cool With Non-Black People Using N-Word

A discussion came up during the latest episode of State of The Culture about a video where Lil Xan was recently caught using the N-word. Now we're all familiar with this word and it's commonly used in the black community as a term of endearment, but it's typically not seen the same way when a non-black person uses the term. Well, during the conversation, Remy Ma said that she's ok with a non-black person using the word and explains that it's prejudice to only keep it in the black community. 

I'm really curious to hear y'alls thoughts on this one? 

Personally, I don't take offense when non-black people say it around me, BUT I don't agree with it and it doesn't even feel right. It's even odd to me that a non-black person would want to use that in their vocabulary, but hey that's my opinion! 

What do you guys think? 



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