Houston Woman Abandons Toddler In Front Of Stranger's Home

A Houston woman is catching heat for ditching a toddler in front of a stranger's home! 

According to ABC 13, a woman called 911 and said that she heard a knock at her door and when she went to answer the door, she found a 2-year-old boy standing there with no adult. You can see in the video below the woman drops of the child along with his bags and quickly runs off and you can even see the car drive away leaving the toddler on his own. 

The father of the child has been identified as Royal Simmons and he actually lives next door to home where the child was dropped off. Apparently, the woman (who is a friend of the mother) was suppose to drop off the child next door to Simmons house, but got the address wrong. 

"That was very irresponsible. And I feel the lady who dropped my son off needs to be held accountable," said Simmons.

Since the incident, CPS called in both parents for an emergency meeting with caseworkers and as of now no charges have been filed against the woman responsible for abandoning the child. 



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