Tahirah Sits Down With Lloyd Gite, Owner Of The Gite Gallery


I had the pleasure of sitting down with owner and curator of The Gite Gallery, Lloyd Gite, in his beautiful contemporary/traditional African art gallery in 3rd ward Houston, Texas. 

The gallery features artifacts including original paintings, hand carved wooden statues, brightly colored textiles and even vintage accent furniture all from sub-Saharan Africa! Part of what makes this place so special is the fact that the gallery is decorated to look and feel more like a home than your typical “white walled gallery.” I could feel the warm and inviting ambiance as soon as I stepped in for our interview. 

As I sat down with Gite, I could immediately see the love and passion that he puts into his work as he took great pride in sharing what makes The Gite Gallery so unique and special. We discussed his love for Africa, the significance between music and the art gallery itself, and the impact of having the only art gallery that sells exclusively African art in Houston. 

One thing I found fascinating was Gite’s inspiration for creating his art gallery in 3rd Ward, a historically black neighborhood.  Through the interview, you gain a deeper insight on his passion for being apart of the community,  as well as the significance of owning African


Loved by seasoned art collectors and novices alike, The Gite Gallery will take you on an amazing African journey with its colorful and bold art.  Housing one of the most comprehensive and beautiful African art collections in the country, The Gite Gallery offers a spectacular array of art that will enliven any space.



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