Could Swae Lee Be The First Black Live-Action Spider-Man?


TMZ caught up with Swae Lee to discuss his song 'Sunflower' off the soundtrack for the anticipated new Spiderman film. During their conversation they pointed out the fact that he was wearing ONLY boxing shorts while it was 15 degrees outside. This lead him to ask how Swae Lee would feel about acting and actually portraying the Spider-Man character. "It's only right, if anyone's gonna be the first black Spider-Man in a real movie it should be me," he told TMZ. "Especially because I made the soundtrack Miles Morales was singing in the movie, it's only right I be the black Spider-Man, so Marvel, we need to get together."

I actually think it's a pretty dope idea! If you've ever seen Swae Lee or Rae Sremmurd perform in person, you know they get pretty wild on stage. He's not shy of adventure and it would be cool to see how he is when it comes to acting. 

If you're not already familiar with the character Miles Morales, he's a Brooklyn native Afro-Latino version of Spider-Man whose character was actually inspired by Donald Glover and Barack Obama! His character will make his debut on the big screen in the creative animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, where Miles battles between his ordinary life with having superpowers and discovering an alternate universe where he finds more versions of Spider-Man!

Check out the trailer below



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