Travis Scott, Kylie & Kim K Respond To Disturbing Online Prank

What happens when a "social experiment" turns into a disturbing online prank?? 

A couple days ago a photo of what looked like Travis Scott getting cozy up under a woman (not Kylie Jenner) surfaced the internet. Although we could not see his face a lot of people came to the conclusion or at least speculated that the man was him! I mean this was a big deal!! Just a few days later the true culprit behind the photo has come forward and claims he took the photo as a social experiment to see just how gullible the internet is! He even went as far as to add in the TMZ logo as if they took the pic! 

Although the man claims his intent was not to hurt their relationship, it still ended up being something that they had to address and deal with to an extent. Often times we get so caught up with drama on the internet that we forgot to take a second and remember these are real people's lives that we're discussing. I think this is a lesson for all of us to put more thought into the things we see online and not believe every rumor that gets spread. 

Check out reposes from Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner & Kim K below! 


Scroll right below to see Travis Scott's response 



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