Liam Neeson is CANCELLED According To Black Twitter

So check this out!! In a recent interview with The Independent, Liam Neeson revealed some pretty harsh confessions from his past! The actor went on to explain that after a loved one of his was raped by a black man, he sought vengeance by walking the streets and looking for what he called a "black bastard" to kill!!!

I'm trying to understand why he would generalize black men based off the actions of one individual. Like AS IF white men have not committed rape or any other race for that matter. For the simple fact that Neeson associated the color of this man's skin with the correlation of the rape sais enough about his character.

What's even worse!!! Now he has gone on Good Morning America trying to justify his statements and explain that he's not a racist... ok SMH. Now, y'all know black twitter is not here for this nonsense!!! Check out what people are saying and listen to the audio from the interview for yourself below!



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