A Mock Slave Auction In Class?? Say What Now ??


At Jefferson Elementary School in New Jersey held a slave auction to try and attempt to teach the kids about slavery. The auction reenactment was held by a substitute teacher while the main teacher was on medical leave. 

According to NY Daily News, “There was a slave auction and the little girl was put on the block, in 2017, she was put on the block for sale by her classmates and sold and it was recorded,” said Tracey Jarmon-Woods, whose son is a fifth grader at Jefferson Elementary school where the incident occurred.

In a letter written to a parent obtained by WABC stated, “This activity was not apart of the curriculum, not part of the teacher’s assignment, not condoned by the classroom teacher, and not authorized by the district,” it reads.

Irked parents also stated "And this isn’t the first time the South Orange-Maplewood district has come under fire for controversial assignments regarding race. Just last week, a project that had fifth grade students at South Mountain Elementary design posters that featured “runaway slaves."

Below is what another school did in the district a few weeks before. They had the kids make wanted signs of runaway slaves and offer rewards. 

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