Sunnyside Residents Intervene When Cops Harshly Arrest Two Black Men


Two HPD officers struggling to arrest two men and the community were enraged at what is happening and tried to intervene. What is even more disgusting is that one of the officers were dragging a man while he was in handcuffs. No guns were pulled out until the cops did the pulling out. 

According to Fox 26, "This happened Saturday evening at an apartment complex on Selinsky. Police had pursued two men into the  apartment complex and kicked over a hornet's nest. "

Another person on the scene stated this : 

‚ÄúThere is no guns being displayed. No one has any guns displayed, and this pointing a gun at the crowd because the crowd is yelling and the crowd is screaming, so he takes an assault rifle and start pointing it at the crowd to get back? That's crazy as hell." 

Watch the video and you tell me your thoughts.

To read more: Fox 26

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