Man Stuck In ATM For 3 Hours

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TSR STAFF: Kyle Anfernee @Kyle.Anfernee #Roommates, a repairman ended up getting trapped in an ATM Machine Wednesday, and you won't believe what he did to get himself out! ______________________________ According to USA Today, the contractor who was working on the machine accidentally locked himself inside. Now a simple phone call would help in these type of situations but he left his phone in the car! ______________________________ With no phone, the repairman started writing notes for help on sheets of paper and would slide it through the receipt slot, hoping someone would see them on the ground. ______________________________ "Please help, I'm stuck in here, and I don't have my phone. Please call my boss," the repairman wrote. ______________________________ Initially, some--Read More At

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I don't have anything to say but this do not make any damn sense. it is truly funny! How !!! This is another freak accident that is just SMDH Funny! Help LAwd. 

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