The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God And Jess Hilarious - The World's Most Dangerous Morning Show!Full Bio

FULL SHOW: Megan Thee Stallion’s Former Cameraman Suing Her For Hostile Work Environment, Diddy Fires Back At Lil Rod After Lawsuit Allegations + More

INTERVIEW: NLE Choppa Talks 'SLUT ME OUT 2,' FCTRY LAb Collab, Tupac Photo Recreation, Celibacy + More

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FULL SHOW: Quavo Responds To Chris Brown With New Diss Track; Chris Brown Reacts, Kanye Goes Off On Drake & Cole In New Interview + More

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Choose... The Rose or Me?

New Podcast Episode Alert! 🚨 Join Raashaun and Gia as they explore the benefits of kids participating in extracurricular activities. The couple then dives deep into a personal discussion on the dynamics of introducing sex toys into their relationship, revealing DJ Envy's initial reservations about Gia's favorite toy. 🫢 How do sex toys fit into your relationship? Can they create insecurities? 😅 Additionally, the Caseys share insights into why some of their children might be intimidated by Raashaun and his authoritative presence. They delve into the balance of being friendly with their children while upholding parental boundaries and respect. Raashaun also reflects on how his upbringing has shaped his approach to parenting. Let’s dive into these topics...🗣️🗣️ Follow Us On IG! DJ Envy: Gia Casey: Casey Crew Podcast: Want Out the Youtube Page

INTERVIEW: Bakari Sellers Talks 'The Moment,' Trump Vs. Biden, Candace Owens, Kanye, Ice Cube, Eric Adams + More

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FULL SHOW: Ye Jumps In Drake Rap Feud, Snoop Responds To Drake 'Taylor Made Freestyle' A.I, Chris Brown Brings Up Takeoff In New Diss Track, Saweetie Responds On Twitter + More

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INTERVIEW: Lil Rel Howery Talks 'We Grown Now', Comedians Calling Out Comedians, Personal Life + More

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Conversations with Unc: The Dynamic Trio with Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon

The Black Effect Presents... Conversations with Unc hosted by Lil Duval!

On this episode, Lil Duval sits down with special guests Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon of the Reasonably Shady podcast and The Real Housewives of Potomac reality TV series. They share personal experiences and opinions about relationships, cheating, interracial dating, oral sex, grooming, age gaps in dating, spending habits, the importance of setting boundaries in relationships and much more. Tune in and join the conversation in the socials below. 

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Black Tech Green Money: Social Impact's Effect on Black Wealth || Alphonso David, Global Black Economic Forum

The Black Effect Presents... Black Tech Green Money!

Alphonso David has committed his life to actualizing a more just and equitable world. Currently, he’s President & CEO of the Global Black Economic Forum, focused on reimagining what diversity, equity, inclusion, and opportunity looks like in global workspaces and marketplaces, as well as achieving the notion of economic justice for the Black diaspora globally. The Global Black Economic Forum engages business executives, policy makers, entrepreneurs, activists, and consumers globally on thought leadership; corporate and entrepreneurial career development; and advancing social and economic justice for marginalized communities across the globe. 

On this episode, Alphonso speaks with AfroTech’s Will Lucas about how tech can be leveraged to support justice at scale, the overlooked sectors of our community when we talk about wealth and business success, and how Black operators find success with government contracting.

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Introducing: Family Therapy, The Podcast

Family Therapy, The Podcast is a display of exploration of self through the means of conversation, while constructing a nourishing space for individuals looking to heal. By revealing anxieties and exploring deeply rooted problems, Family Therapy will document a family’s journey as they work through trauma in conversation with psychotherapist Elliott Connie. Over the course of sixteen weeks participants will examine their life, relationships, hardships, successes, short-comings, and personal growth as they seek progress. Therapy sessions will consist of individual and groups conversations in an effort to restore old wounds.

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